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My wife has been dealing with SS-Disability for awhile. She has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

1. First applied June 2008
2. Denied August 2008
3. Went and saw the governments doctors in Oct. 2009 - they confirmed the MS diagnosis
4. Finally had a hearing November 2009.
5. Had to close the case because she made $4.00 too much in December 2008.
6. Re-applied backdated January of 2009.
7. Approved by judge Feb. 2010.
8. The next 2 months, her file was "lost" on someones desk. Reminder - SS has 60 days to appeal the judges ruling.
9. Received a letter end of June 2010 saying my wife will start getting her SS check in August.
10. First week of July 2010, received a 2nd letter stating that she will not get any benefits from SS.

We have found out this last letter came from the payment center in Baltimore, MD. They do not take any phone calls from applicants or lawyers and do not give out any information to why they won't pay you. Like a said earlier, SS gets 60 days to appeal the ruling and they waited over 150 days. SS makes rules that we HAVE to follow but they break them on a consistant basis. I have been told the the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to this and that SS will not respond to it. So basically, someone in Baltimore with a 6 figure salary has denied my wife, won't give us the info why, and won't re-open her file to see that they have screwed up big time.

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